Infographics and Data Visualization Class: A Few Last-Minute Mock-Ups

The class is over, and unfortunately I fell behind on uploading data visualization drawings. These are the sketches I did for the final two assignments, week 4 and week 6.

In week 4, Alberto Cairo asked us to work with some unemployment data. There isn’t a media outlet that hasn’t covered unemployment with an infographic or data visualization. I decided to create an interactive graphic that answers the question I don’t see answered in any others: what industries were hit hardest in each state?

I usually don’t go for maps, but I feel like this would be a good way for a typical reader to decide if iconic geographical regions were affected in ways we’d expect. Did the steel states lose their automotive jobs? Did the breadbasket of America lose agriculture workers? I tried to represent the state’s primary industry losses with a little icon for a large NAICS or SIC code series. It’s data that would be easy to grab from BLS, but only further investigation would show whether every state would have the same icon on it.
unemployment interactive graphic

This is the mock-up for my final infographic design, based on construction injuries and fatalities. I decided against a map here; just a few simple illustrations of the numbers and trends that I found in the data.
worker injury graphic

A lot of people have asked me whether they should take the class, and what to expect. I think it was great! The fellow students in the forums made a fantastic community for reviewing visualizations and making suggestions. And the lectures and readings are great insights into how newsrooms with great infographics teams approach their projects. And it’s free, so there’s no way to lose!

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